Everyone is British!

My first episode of CW’s Reign came out this week! (Didn’t announce earlier caaause…it was a secret). I had a ton of fun playing Queen Mary’s new Scottish Advisor Lord Cunningham…who spoke with a British accent. I love it. Anyway, the show is fantastic and was a perfect kick off to the year. Be sure to stay tuned for more of my Lording and Accenting.

The lazy blogger returns….with LEGO!!!!!!!!

Yup….I’ve been off building tons of fun career stuff and then remembered….hey wait I have a blog. So instead of letting this puppy fade into the shadows I’m bringing it back! With some big news……


I literally am the voice of one of the leads for Lego’s new TV series NEXO KNIGHTS! How cool is that?

Here’s a teaser trailer! See if you can recognise yours truly.

And also check out the NEXO KNIGHTS website!